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I can’t wait to be at ucf. I feel so detached at SSC. No one in my classes (save for a couple of people) actually take them seriously and most of the people I used to see aren’t here anymore. Somewhere along the line, I got old.

Idunno, I have also been a little apathetic lately and I hate apathy more than I hate discontentment. I just need to remind myself that I am not at a standstill.

In other news, damn Florida. You’re hot.

It is a good lazy night. I don’t wanna work tomorrow. 
So….guess who is taking pole dancing classes with some awesome gal pals (and possibly some dudes) soon! I’m so excited! 

Another commission! Ymir and Krista are frEAKING FUN TO DRAW AHHH GIRLFRIENDS!! I WANT MORE
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